There are significant differences between a candidate facing Law Firm Matchmaker and an ordinary legal recruiter.

The typical legal recruiter gets hired by a law firm to fill a position. The recruiter takes its orders from the law firm. Once he or she gets the order, the recruiter will attempt to find an attorney with the requisite skill set. This is done through personal connections and online searches. The searches usually include LinkedIn, individual law firm websites, job boards and general Google searches. It is a numbers game – much like buying a lottery ticket. If they ask enough attorneys if they are interested in an opportunity, eventually somebody will accept the offer. They get paid for filling the opening regardless of whether it is a good place for the candidate.

After working in that area for many years, I realized that I truly enjoyed working with the candidate to find the perfect fit rather than trying to fill a slot.  It was more meaningful and satisfying for me and more helpful for the candidate.

We Are Different

When I started Gillman Strategic Group, I wanted to create a unique service in the world of legal recruiting. I represent the individual law firm partner or group, not the law firm. Our rainmaker candidates provide us with a list of what they would like in a new platform. Understanding the legal marketplace like we do; we match this wish list with firms that will honor those wishes. In other words, we do not and will not, try to convince our candidates to join a firm that is not the best fit for them. This unique way of doing business has indeed been rewarding, for both myself and my candidates.

I hope the above clearly explains the differences between a Law Firm Matchmaker and a legal recruiter. If not, let me humor you with this analogy. Imagine going to an upscale restaurant. You look over the menu and decide that are really in the mood for lamb. However, the waiter tries to convince you to have the chicken special. The waiter does not listen to you and keeps pushing the chicken. We do not do that. In fact, we ask if you are a vegetarian or have any food allergies.

I am sure that it is annoying when a recruiter calls you with an opportunity without caring or knowing if the firm would be a good fit for you or not. We try to match exactly what you are looking for – don’t you deserve that?

Let’s talk if you want to learn more about our process. I certainly want to learn about you and your needs.