Here at Gillman Strategic Group we work with law firm partners that have a significant book of portable business.

While we only work directly with rainmakers, we do meet many other attorneys all the time, and while we can’t directly support them, we do have resources to help them.

If you are one of these lawyers, or you know someone that our resources could help, we invite you to browse the page and use whatever works for you.

Zoom Tips



Being Present:

Interview tips for Women:

Interview tips for Men:

Top Recommended Networking Groups

Gillman Strategic Group Networking Events:

Authentic Networker:

USA 500:

Legal Resources Network: Reach out on LinkedIn with Bill to be added to his group

Digital Accelerant:

Happy Hour in the UK on Fridays – request to be added to the list by sending an email to

Happy Neighborhood Project:

Business Plan Sample Template

We suggest creating a business plan and you can find a fill in the blank template here:

We also have an arrangement with a business development expert who is willing to give people we recommend a complimentary session to see if there is a way to help you become a rainmaker. You can reach out to him at

Recommended Recruiters:

If you are looking for a recruiter to help you with an area we don’t support currently please reach out to Jen and she would be happy to make an introduction for you.  You can reach her at


Sometimes coaching can help you to succeed in your current role or even to help you identify if you want to change career paths.

Wendy Schult, The Authenticity Coach, helps high achievers explore, vet and clarify their own definition of success, figure out what is getting in the way and create tactical, practical plans to make their dreams a reality. You can learn more at or you can reach her via email at or by phone at 973-495-5628.