Gillman Strategic Group is pleased to announce that Erin Alli has joined the firm as its Operations Manager. Erin will handle the day-to-day operations of Gillman Strategic Group including the management of client and vendor relationships, strategic growth planning, networking, and marketing support.

“Erin and I began working together on a few minor projects when I first started Gillman Strategic Group. As my business grew, I used Erin more and more to the point of becoming her largest client. It became clear that I needed Erin full-time and that she would be a great fit. Her work ethic, knowledge, intelligence and personality are a great asset to Gillman Strategic Group, our clients and our strategic partners,” says Jennifer Gillman, President of Gillman Strategic Group.

Before joining Gillman Strategic Group, Erin was a virtual assistant for 15 years. She is Certified as a copywriter with American Writer and Artist Institute, and a member of the Professional Writers Alliance. Erin earned her degree in Graphic Design.  Outside of work, Erin enjoys the outdoors, hiking and camping with her family and is an avid reader. She also has 6 rescue pets, 3 dogs and 3 cats.

Gillman Strategic Group, LLC, led by Jennifer Gillman, is a “law firm matchmaker” that helps successful partners find a better fit at a new firm. Gillman Strategic Group works with individual partners and groups of lawyers who have their own clients, but struggle with keeping those clients happy and maximizing their own compensation, because their current firm is simply the wrong fit. Gillman Strategic Group works with clients in New Jersey, New York, and Florida.