Successful Lawyers Should Enjoy Practicing Law

You should enjoy practicing law again. There is an exact right perfect fit firm for you, and our job is to find it.

You’re a great lawyer, and you deserve a great firm.

Unlike most “recruiters,” our focus is on you.  We follow a transparent, open process to help you find a “perfect fit firm.”  The firms pay us, but our success is your happiness: we don’t shoehorn you into a position to fill a firm’s need.  Instead, we find the right match based on your intentions, needs and goals.

Let us do the legwork to find the right law firm for you while you focus on your clients.

We Understand What Lawyers Need

Led by Jennifer Gillman, Esq., we are well connected with a broad spectrum of law firms.  We know what they are really like, so we can make the right match.


Rate Flexibility


Healthy Work/Life Balance


Better Cross-Selling and Origination Credit Opportunities


Aligned Firm Culture


Additional Specialty Areas and Locations


Adequate Staffing and Resources

Gillman Strategic Group

We work with individuals, partners and groups who have their own clients, but struggle with keeping those clients happy and maximizing their own compensation, because their current firm is simply the wrong fit.

What separates our service from other legal recruiters is the combination of Jennifer Gillman’s 12 years of law firm practice, over 13 years as a legal recruiter, and a personal interest in matchmaking.

Our Placement Process

5 Easy Steps to Your Next Journey

Step 1:

Connect with Our Team

We start with a “reality check.” We talk about what you are looking for, and we give you an honest answer about whether it is available.

If we all agree that there is a better opportunity waiting for you at another firm, and we agree to work together, we invite you to move to the next stage of the journey.

Step 2:

Craft Your Plan

The next step is to craft a Business Plan for your career.  This plan follows a structure that we came up with to help you focus on what you want most.

Filling out a Business Plan helps us clarify the right fit for you.  It also enables you to focus your planning and thinking to make sure you make the right decision for yourself.

Step 3:

Your List of Perfect Fit Firms

Based on your Business Plan, industry knowledge, and any research we need, we identify your list of perfect fit firms.

Then we go through our findings with you and explain why we chose each firm.  You select the firms that most appeal to you.

Step 4:

Connect With Firms on Your Behalf

Once you are ready, we contact the selected firms and present your information, including the Business Plan.  If a firm is interested in meeting with you, we schedule a meeting and prepare you for it.

After all meetings, we debrief you and the firms to assess interest and fit on both sides.  We manage the process with all candidate law firms to avoid scheduling issues and keep you connected.  You never have to worry about the details.  We handle it.

Step 5:

Close Your Deal

Often our candidates receive interest from multiple firms during this process, and we support you as much or as little as you need.

We can negotiate the right offer on your behalf and then help you make a decision.  Or, if you prefer, you negotiate with our support.  We want to make this process as easy as possible for you, so we step in where you need us.

Don’t Take Our Word For It

Hear What Our Candidates And Clients Have To Say

Jen’s reputation seemed to be such within the industry that these firms were happy to work with her, and that worked to my benefit.

Jen immediately understood what I was looking for, and very quickly lined up a number – probably four or five – very suitable firms. It was during the pandemic, and so I thought the responsiveness, the accuracy, and the ability to line up several interviews, was great.

Jen’s responsiveness and the ability to focus on what I was looking for as opposed to what was available was impressive. I said, “This is what I am looking for” and she didn’t waste my time – she did a great job.


Jen encouraged me to interview for the firm that I am now with – and it’s a firm I never would have considered. She told me to trust her – and to take the interview and to meet the attorneys. It wound up being a perfect fit, the best move ever.

Jen’s knowledge of the industry was impressive. She also seemed to understand exactly where I was coming from and had a good relationship with the people at the firm where she was trying to place me. It was a very personalized approach.


While I am a divorce lawyer, I represent many clients from Poland.  I saw my practice expanding beyond the divorce space in Eastern Europe, specifically focusing on business development as many of the clients that I was divorcing had business ties to Poland.  Jen listened to my career goals and while introducing me to Lindabury McCormick where I am a Partner in the Matrimonial Group, she helped negotiate me being named the Managing Director of the International Law Group, which helped open further doors in the global market.   She is not just a professional legal recruiter – she is a career builder!


Jennifer is a consummate professional who excels in her industry because she knows the jobs and she knows the people. She is relatable and cares about her clients. She is an asset and a resource to the legal community.


I met Jennifer after I realized that I needed to take my boutique law firm to a larger platform. She helped me flesh out what I was looking for in a firm and helped me find the right fit for me and my team. Throughout the entire process, Jen was professional, knowledgeable and always had my best interests at heart.  In fact, when I was concerned about a compensation issue a full year after joining the new firm,  I reached out to Jen and she offered me advice.  She is a great resource.


Jennifer is an exceptional recruiter who takes the time to develop meaningful relationships with the candidates she places – which in turn makes for better placements.  We have been privileged to have a few candidates at our firm join us as a result of Jennifer’s work and we appreciate her stellar efforts on our behalf


You do important work and you deserve to be happy while you do it!

We want you to be happy, enjoy the practice of law, and serve your clients well.  With 12 years in practice and 13 years in recruiting, we can get you to your perfect fit firm.