For those who know me, I do a lot of networking. I mean a lot. As a result, I receive introductions to many law firm partners and small law firm owners. After receiving an introduction, I try to schedule a short call with each. The purpose of the call is to learn more about them, their needs, and their aspirations.  And, to tell them what we do at Gillman Strategic Group. On occasion, during these calls, the lawyer will ask what position we are trying to fill and at which law firm. It is at this time that I must explain that we work differently than the typical legal recruiter.

What’s the Difference?

As you can see, most attorneys are accustomed to getting calls from legal headhunters with a great opportunity. In other words, the recruiter has a slot to fill for a particular law firm. The recruiter will call as many lawyers as possible until they get a bite. We have a different model.  We represent successful individual law firm partners or groups, not any one law firm. Our rainmaker candidates provide us with a list of what they would like or need in a new firm. Understanding the legal marketplace like we do; we match this wish list with firms that will honor those wishes. Therefore, we do not and will not, try to convince our candidates to join a firm that is not the best fit for them.

Does Our Model Work?

Well, let’s go back to the introduction calls and the related confusion. After I explain our model, I will sometimes be told, I am interested in hearing about specific opportunities. So, please call me back when you have one for me. Because it is not our model to simply fill slots, this may be the last time I speak with the lawyer. However, there are times when the lawyer returns to us. More often than not, this happens after the lawyer hears from other recruiters with great opportunities. The lawyer realizes that these are great opportunities for the recruiter to get a fee, not so great for the lawyer. The typical legal recruiter does not consider how the lawyer views a great opportunity.

In the end, the candidate comes back to us so we can find his or her exact right perfect fit law firm. When this happens, it brings me joy to know our model does indeed work.

Don’t Waste Your Valuable Time

When I hear come back to me when you have an opportunity, it tells me that the lawyer does have some interest in changing firms. If you are in this position, I suggest that we discuss your wants and needs. This will save you significant time as you will not have to vet opportunities that do not make sense for you. Let’s schedule that call!