When you visit our website, you will see two things. The first is my logo with the taglineLaw Firm Partner Matchmaker. The second is Specializing in law firm partner placement, Gillman Strategic Group is a uniquely candidate-facing strategic ally, focusing solely on finding the perfect fit for law firm partners with established business. Yes, it’s true, I am a candidate-facing legal recruiter. However, to find the perfect fit for law firm partners, I must know about the law firms which are potential homes. You see, there are two sides of the law firm partner matchmaker equation.

The Perfect Match

When working with candidates, I find out what’s on their wish list. To fulfill the wish list, I need to understand which law firms can grant such wishes. I need to match the wants and needs of the candidate with the offerings of the law firm. Some of the wish list items and offerings may include:

  •         Compensation systems
  •         Practice area mix
  •         Management structure and style
  •         Reputation in the marketplace
  •         Culture
  •         Geographic locations
  •         Marketing support
  •         Financial stability

Strategies & Tools

It is my job to understand the legal industry as much as possible. I am able to learn about specific law firms through a variety of means. First, we invest in technology and databases that provide a host of data about law firms. Second, I have a vast network of contacts in the legal industry. This network provides me with both factual and anecdotal information. Third, I have a substantial network of law firm leaders and decision-makers. Obviously, these relationships put me in a great position to pitch candidates. And lastly, there are online forums that provide some anonymous, inside intelligence at specific law firms. While some of these comments should be taken with a grain of salt, they can verify other rumors and gossip floating around in the market.

These resources certainly help me make great matches. But on the other hand, they also help me steer clear of bad matches.  On occasion, a candidate will tell me that a particular firm is of interest. I can help educate him or her if there are underlying issues and why the firm may not be a good match.

The Perfect Equation

As you can see, to be effective, I need to fully understand both sides of the law firm partner matchmaker equation. If you would like more information, reach out and schedule a call with us!  If you would just like some answers to questions you have, please fill out our confidential Q&A form so that we can give you the answers.