One trend that did not change during the pandemic is partners leaving big law. These rainmakers are looking for a culture that is the opposite of the typical “big law” firm. I see an increase in candidates I talk to that are currently at large international, national, and regional law firms who are looking for an alternative. They are ready to leave big law for a variety of reasons.  They may have realized they like the ability to work remotely, to have more work-life balance and to be able to better serve their clients in an entrepreneurial manner. 

Not a Knock Against Big Law

In no way are my comments a negative commentary against the large law firms. Like I wrote about in a previous blog, there is a cover for every pot. I know many partners at big law firms who love where they work and all that comes with it. However, some others are looking for something new.

The Reasons

Some of the most articulated reasons lawyers tell me they want to leave big law include the following:

  •       More collaborative practice & culture
  •       Stop the long commute and be closer to home
  •       Less red tape and more flexibility
  •       More time for outside interests

You may notice that I didn’t mention compensation.  That is because for some of these rainmakers, maximizing their compensation is not a factor.  They are often willing to take a pay cut in exchange for other items on their wish list that are more important to them at this point in their life. 

Sound Appealing?

If you are one of those successful lawyers who wants out of big law, there is good news. Very successful, big firm rainmakers have made the move and ended up at their exact right perfect fit firm.  At times it was a firm that wasn’t even on their radar, but because of our knowledge of the market and the relationships Gillman Strategic Group has with so many firms, we know, based on your wish list, which firms to suggest.

Some small firms are looking to grow and have like-minded, successful rainmakers join them.  They are looking for partners that will help build a unique culture, have similar values to them, and that want to be more entrepreneurial and have more of a say in the marketing and growth of the firm.

Another piece of good news is that the rainmakers that have gone out on their own are not simply hanging a shingle to handle routine legal issues. Their law firms are not your typical small law firm doing wills, DUI defense and all else in between. No, they took their sophisticated legal practice and impressive roster of clients with them.

You do not have to sacrifice your legal acumen to work at a smaller, entrepreneurial law firm. You will be able to better serve your clients and grow your book of business with more flexible rates, staffing, and so on.

 What’s Next?

The answer to this question is simple. Contact us to schedule a call. We will discuss why you want to leave big law and what you are looking for in a new firm. There is no obligation and no pressure.  We are here to help you find your exact right perfect fit law firm.  We are not here to fill a job opening.  As candidate-facing law firm matchmakers, we work with you – at no cost to you – because we feel that successful lawyers deserve to be happy too!