We live in a world of advanced technology with continuous advancements. The pace of technological evolution is staggering and overwhelming. However, despite all these high-end tools, I have learned that all of us have the most important tools for success at our disposal. And better yet, these tools are free. I am speaking about our ears. For me to be successful, which means finding the right law firm for my candidates, I must use these tools all the time. I intently listen to my candidates, law firm partners, about their needs and wants. Because at the end of the day, what really matters is getting them to a firm where they will thrive and be happy.

To Each Their Own

In addition to using my ears, I have also learned to filter out my opinions. What I would value in a law firm is far different than what other law firm partners may value. As I write this blog, I hear the Spice Girls in my head. Huh? In arguably their most famous song, Wannabe, they repeat the line So tell me what you want, what you really, really want. For example, if a candidate wants a Liverwurst and Onion sandwich, it is my job to find one. While I do not understand why anyone would eat a Liverwurst and Onion sandwich, that does not matter. To make this point in the legal recruiting context, let me give a few other examples.

I am not yet comfortable going back into an office setting. However, I have candidates that insist on being back to a fully staffed office as in the pre-COVID days. I talk to firm leaders about their return-to-work plans and policies. These candidates certainly want to meet with law firms that are open again.

 Also, living in the suburbs and having commuted to New York City in the past, I know I would never want that lifestyle again. Regardless of how I feel, many of my clients want the whole city experience, commute, and all. Again, all that matters is what the candidate wants.

Call Me, I Will Listen

It is my job to listen to you. By doing so, I can find a firm that will satisfy your needs. Because those needs are unique to you, I do not judge or try to push my preferences onto you. I will, however, let you know if your needs and expectations are realistic. That said, most of the time, they are realistic. I would love to talk to hear your story. Let’s set up a time