Law Firms

We are a candidate-facing recruiter;
we match rainmakers with their ideal firms.

We are interested in meeting new law firms and understanding your needs.

However: we do not work for law firms. We are a candidate-facing recruiter. Our first interest is finding the right fit for lawyers. We believe that ensuring the right fit and happy lawyer is best for lawyers and firms.

Our candidate-centric approach to recruiting means that we do not take retainers. Retained searches compromise our ability to represent our candidates and find the best fit for them.  

But, we love to get to know law firms.

While our focus is on finding the right fit for lawyers, this also benefits firms. If you are:

  • Facing an unusual need.
  • Growing your business.
  • Developing a practice area.
  • Adding expertise.
  • Planning succession and the future.
  • Looking for great people who fit your culture, your needs, and your priorities,

Then we would love to get to know you. The more we know about your needs, the more likely we will be able to match you with the right candidate.  

“Jennifer Gillman is an exceptional recruiter who takes the time to develop meaningful relationships with the candidates she places – which in turn makes for better placements.  We have been privileged to have a few candidates at our firm join us as a result of Jennifer’s work and we appreciate her stellar efforts on our behalf.”

We match great partners to great law firms.

That is our passion.

The definition of great depends on the person and the firm. So we take the time to get to know the firms in our network and the candidates that we place.

We do not make any guarantees, but when we find a candidate that is the exact, right, perfect fit for your firm, we will make an introduction. We will help you negotiate the deal and do everything we can to create a successful outcome.

How we work with law firms and law firm partners

Our work starts with partners or solo practitioners who want something different from their firm, or are looking for the culture, focus, staffing, and resources to better serve their clients. 

They often come to us with specific concerns such as:

  • Their specialty area doesn’t work with the rest of the firm’s practice.
  • The firm’s rate structure doesn’t work for them.
  • The current firm doesn’t allow for their definition of work-life balance. 
  • They do not have the resources to serve their clients effectively. 
  • They have succession planning concerns.  
  • They feel they are not compensated appropriately.

We work with these candidates to nail down what they’re looking for in a firm. We help them prepare a Business Plan, which helps us clarify their needs, personality, and cultural fit.  

Once we know the candidate, we review our database of law firms; the firms we know need candidates and reach out. We prepare both the firm and the candidate, ensuring clear expectations. As conversations progress, we help you negotiate the final deal.  

Through the process, our bias is clear: we want our candidates to find the right fit for them, and we want them to be happy. This is best for the candidates and the law firm.   

 Gillman Strategic Group effectively plays matchmaker for law firm partners and new firms in a way that creates the perfect fit.