I recently spoke on a webinarExamining the Long Road to Partnership for Women Lawyers. This blog has nothing to do with the webinar topic. However, one of the other panelists said a phrase that inspired me to write this blog. She said, The cavalry is not coming. The phrase sparked recollections of my many prior conversations with various law firm partners.

Most times, potential candidates reach out to me because they are not happy or satisfied with their current job. After all, what lawyer would talk to a legal recruiter if they were completely happy? On this first phone call, I learn the source of unhappiness or dissatisfaction. On subsequent calls, I learn that management has heard the complaints and has promised to make changes. My potential candidate then informs me that all is good, and they are no longer interested in finding a new law firm.

The Calvary is Not Coming

In these scenarios, the cavalry is the law firm’s management. They have heard the grievance and will rectify the situation.  I have heard all sorts of promises made to law firm partners from their management. Examples of promises include:

  •       More money
  •       Leadership roles
  •       More support – associate and/or administrative
  •       New office locations
  •       More flexibility – schedules, office hours, billing rates, etc.

Guess what, I get follow-up calls a year or more later. The promises have not been kept and the partner remains unhappy. The cavalry is not coming to help them.

You Deserve Better

Hearing your issues, promising to fix them, and then ignoring you may be the ultimate signs of disrespect. You deserve better. You held up your end of the deal. How about a new law firm that values you and keeps its promises to you? One that will support your practice not only with words, but with actions, money, and resources. Doesn’t this sound nice? It is possible. It is my job to find the perfect match law firm for you. Opportunity is out there, and the demand is great for your client base and skills.

The cavalry is here – Gillman Strategic Group. Call us to schedule an appointment so we can explore the opportunities together.