I recently wrote about a trend where national and regional law firms are establishing a presence in new cities without opening a physical office. To make this happen, firms are looking to hire local, established partners in the geographic areas they are expanding into. This is just one example of law firm partner opportunities across the U.S. There are plenty of other examples, which is why Gillman Strategic Group has expanded its footprint. To help law firm partners find their exact right perfect fit law firm anywhere in the United States, we have invested in new resources and additional staffing.  

Demand for Legal Services

I recently read an article, How South Florida Law Firms Are Capitalizing on the Great Florida Migration. The article covers how the region’s law firms are benefiting from the influx of new residents. It says, “in the region’s Big Law firms, corporate, real estate and litigation accounted for the most hiring while specialized areas like tax and intellectual property also flourished”. We can relate to that since Gillman Strategic Group works with rainmakers in those practice areas regularly.

This is just one example of how law firms are gearing up to meet demand. To ensure smart growth, law firms are hiring established lawyers in geographic regions and specialty areas where there is high demand, but a shortage of talent.  That way their operation can be seamless, and the firm can grow, literally, overnight. 

Change and Growth

As law firm clients are rethinking their businesses and how they operate, law firms (who are usually behind the times) are making adaptations to their business operations to better serve their clients. Some firms are strengthening existing practice areas by adding more attorneys at all levels. For instance, cyber security, packaging, and cannabis are a few industries that are said to be booming right now.  Finding established attorneys for these areas will help spearhead the firm’s growth. 

Law firm rainmakers are seeing these changes – and know that now is the right time to make a move. Gillman Strategic Group helps law firm partners find their exact right perfect-fit at a new law firm. The goal is for a match that will last for years, and hopefully for the length of their career. From New Jersey to L.A., Chicago to Houston,  Boston to Miami – Gillman Strategic Group is there. If you are interested in exploring the options you may have, let’s schedule a time to talk! You can also submit any questions you have through our Q&A form and we are happy to reply with the answers.