We Are Not Your Typical Legal Recruiter

For those who know me, I do a lot of networking. I mean a lot. As a result, I receive introductions to many law firm partners and small law firm owners. After receiving an introduction, I try to schedule a short call with each. The purpose of the call is to learn more...

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The Best Time to Find Your Perfect Fit Law Firm

When is the best time to find your perfect fit law firm? This is a trick question. Why? Because there is no best time - at least if we are being guided by the calendar. Rather, the best time is when an individual partner or group is ready and motivated to make a move....

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National Write a Business Plan Month

December is National Write a Business Plan Month. This is very apropos to my candidates and me. Why? Because, when working with a candidate, I require a written business plan as part of my rainmaker recruiting and placement process. In fact, I recently gave a...

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Law Firm Partner Haves & Have-Nots

Many law firms are in what I call compensation season. Accordingly, firm leaders are deciding partner bonuses while setting next year's compensation?  While every firm has its own compensation model, some are pretty formulaic, and others are more subjective....

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Legal Recruiting Trend – Law Firm Mergers

As the war for legal talent wages on, law firms are aggressively looking to grow by recruiting groups of attorneys rather than focusing on individual lawyers. Why? Organic growth for law firms takes a long time, especially these days. Likewise, the individual lateral...

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Is Your Law Firm Winning the Talent War?

Last week, I wrote a blog about the Great Attrition. In that blog, I referenced a survey by McKinsey & Company. The survey found that simply paying people more money will not fix the ongoing attrition problem. Specifically, the survey found - Rather than sensing...

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Law Firms are Not Immune from the Great Attrition

Last week, I read an alarming, but not surprising, article on The article, Law Firms Struggle to Stave Off Mass Attrition, discusses how the worldwide trend of people quitting their jobs is impacting the legal industry. According to the article, which cites a...

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